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Fresh Applications are invited from 09.08.2023 10 a.m. to 15 th August 2023 10 p.m. for admission in B.Sc.with Geography as Major Course under Calcutta University

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Smoother access to higher education for girls at nominal cost where the bright minds can study and learn from the best.


To set up elaborate and state-of-the-art infrastructure required for modern higher education that can measure up to the top teaching-learning establishments.

Student's Week Program Related Notice 23/9/2023 An emergency meeting of the Grievance Redressal Cell will be held on 26th September 2023

23/9/2023 The college will remain closed on the 25th September 2023

23/9/2023 All the students of BCA Department who appeared at the Final Semester VI and students of Semester V and Semester III

22/9/2023 IQAC Meeting will be held on 26.09.2023 (Tuesday) 12.30 PM onwards

22/9/2023 Emergency meeting of Grievance Redressal Cell will be held today (22.09.2023) from 2pm

22/9/2023 A workshop will be organized in the college by Young India Unchained Campaign on 26.09.2023

16/9/2023 The college will remain closed on 18th September 2023

16/9/2023 Routine for BCA Sem-I, Session 2023-24

11/9/2023 Notice for Students of Semester I (Session 2023-2027)

11/9/2023 IBM is going to conduct Future Skill Development Programme

11/9/2023 The state-level workshop on “NIRF Ranking Preparations at College Level”

10/9/2023 Notice for Semester-VI Geography Honours Students

9/9/2023 This is for information of the students that a visit to Duare Sarkar Camp of Ward 130 under Borough 14 of Kolkata Metropolitan Corporation

5/9/2023 This is for information of all concerned that the college will remain closed on 6th September 2023

5/9/2023 Notice for a Seminar “Uttoroner Pothe”

4/9/2023 This is for the information of all U.G. First Year Candidates

1/9/2023 Notice for Semester-V B.Sc. Geography Honours Students

1/9/2023 This is to notify to all students of Semester III (2022-2025) of BCA Course

1/9/2023 This is to notify to all students of Semester V (2021-2024) of B.Sc., Geography Honours

29/8/2023 College will remain closed on 30th August 2023

28/8/2023 Notice for the Teaching and Non-Teaching staff

24/8/2023 A grievance box has been installed in the library reading room

24/8/2023 Notice for all B.Sc. Geography Honours Semester IV students

24/8/2023 The results of B.Sc. Semester VI Geography Honours will be published on 25th August 2023

24/8/2023 All students of BCA are directed to attend these lectures positively.

22/8/2023 This is for urgent attention of Grievance Redressal Cell

22/8/2023 ISRO has organized a live telecast of the Chandrayaan 3 landing

21/8/2023 All departments are to submit a comprehensive proposal of internship programme

18/8/2023 This is for information of all BCA students of the college

18/8/2023 Students of semester 3 and semester 5 (BCA course) are hereby informed that interested students will take a photograph on environment with an emphasis on life for the competition

16/8/2023 Notice for the Anti-Ragging Awareness Programme

11/8/2023 Notice for the 76th Independence Day Celebration on the college campus.

10/8/2023 Anti-Ragging Week will be observed from 12.08.2023 (Saturday) to 18.08.2023 (Friday)

10/8/2023 Kanyashree divas schedule

7/8/2023 The scheduled seminar on Nutrition has been postponed.

7/8/2023 Hosting a day-long programme to celebrate Kanyashree Divas on 14.08.2023

4/8/2023 Awareness of Vector Borne Diseases like Dengue and preventive measures

4/8/2023 Notice for Student Health Care Committee is to undertake related programmes

4/8/2023 An IQAC meeting will; be held on 08.08.2023

31/7/2023 Notified that our college will observe Anti-Ragging Day on 2nd August 2023

31/7/2023 Students’ Credit Card Awareness Camp will be organized on 31st July 2023 and 1st August 2023

31/7/2023 All 1st Semester students of academic year 2023-24 are hereby advised to report to college on 1st August, 2023

31/7/2023 This is for information of all the concerned that the college will host a Seminar on Nutrition on 07.08.2023

28/7/2023 The college will remain closed 29/07/2023

27/7/2023 Notice for collection of Admit Cards of all B.Sc. Geography Honours Semester IV Students

27/7/2023 Orientation and Bridge Course Schedule’ of BCA

20/7/2023 Affidavit by student on anti-ragging

17/7/2023 Affidavit by parent or guardian on anti-ragging

10/7/2023 Notice for online submission of forms for the B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. Sem. – IV & II (Under CBCS) and Part – I & II (Under 1+1+1 Sys.)

7/7/2023 Notice for HRA Declaration form online

4/7/2023 A Teachers’ Council meeting will be held on 11.7.2023 (Tuesday)

4/7/2023 This is for information of all concerned that BCA students of Semester V are undergoing industrial training at National Institute for Industrial Training

24/6/2023 Provisional Academic Calender For Academic Session 2023-24 (MAKAUT)

5/6/2023 Online admissions for the Academic Session 2023-2024 to all UG Courses

3/6/2023 Virtual Campus Drive for recruitment of the students of Semester VI of BCA and B.Sc. Geography Honours.

20/5/2023 Memorandum 20th May, 2023

8/5/2023 College will remain closed on 09.05.2023

8/5/2023 College will remain closed for Summer Vacation from 10.05.2023 to 22.06.2023

4/5/2023 College will remain closed on 05.05.2023

16/4/2023 College will remain closed from 17th April 2023 for a week, or until further order, whichever is earlier.

13/4/2023 College will remain closed on 14.04.2023 & 15.04.2023

6/4/2023 College will remain closed on 07.04.2023 and 08.04.2023

4/4/2023 DUARE SARKAR campaign

31/3/2023 Urgent attention of all teachers, students and staff of the college that COVID PROTOCOLS should be followed henceforth.

28/3/2023 College will remain closed on 29.03.2023 & 30.03.2023

17/3/2023 Fees for Semester IV must be submitted to the college office on and from 20.03.2023 to 21.03.2023

17/3/2023 Fees for Semester VI must be submitted to the college office on and from 20.03.2023 to 21.03.2023

16/3/2023 Urgent notice of all departments

6/3/2023 College will remain closed on 07.03.2023 & 08.03.2023

2/3/2023 Notice regarding GPF subscription and Income Tax deduction

23/2/2023 One-on-One Job Readiness Workshop on 4th March, 2023 by Cognizant Outreach

18/2/2023 All employees must report for duty on 20th February 2023 & 21st February 2023

18/2/2023 All employee must report to duty on 20th February 2023 & 21st February 2023

17/2/2023 College will remain closed on 18th February 2023

17/2/2023 College will remain closed on 20th February 2023

17/2/2023 International Native Language Day will be celebrated on 21st February 2023

14/2/2023 College will remain closed on 14th February 2023

6/2/2023 International Seminar on 13/02/2023

30/1/2023 Notice for teaching staff members

20/1/2023 College will remain closed on upcoming holidays

20/1/2023 Notice for rescheduled UG PG exam 2022

20/1/2023 Notice regarding Republic Day

10/1/2023 Affidavit by the student on anti-ragging

10/1/2023 Notice on fees refund on cancellation of admission of students.

10/1/2023 Notice regarding IQAC meeting

9/1/2023 College will remain closed on 12.01.2023

6/1/2023 Notice for teaching & non-teaching staff regrading HRA declaration form submission

6/1/2023 Form fill-up for Regular & Backlog Students for Odd Semester Examinations 2022-23 (BCA SEM I)

20/12/2022 B.A/B.Sc SEM-V Examination Theoritical Programme Routine

18/12/2022 One Day International Webinar On Reimaging Youth & Entrepreneurship 23rd Dec 2022

14/12/2022 The Principal will be unable to attend college from 15.12.2022 to 19.12.2022

8/12/2022 Routine for tutorial B.Sc. Geography(Hons) sem3

8/12/2022 Notice for the students of Semester-V (C.B.C.S) ,2022

29/11/2022 Notice for Psychological Counseling & Consultancy Programme

23/11/2022 Odd Semester Practical Examination Schedule 2022-23

18/11/2022 Notice for Non-Minorty Students

18/11/2022 SVMCM Scholarship Notice for 1st year students

18/11/2022 Kanayashree Prakalpa Notice

10/11/2022 Celebration of Janjatiya Garav Diwas on 15th Nov 2022

7/11/2022 BCA Exam Routine

19/10/2022 Notice for (2nd & 3rd yr) BCA & BSc Hons students

27/9/2022 IMPACT HIRING PROGRAM BY COGNIZANT for Final Year Students of the College is going on

24/9/2022 College will remain closed from 26/09/2022 to 03/11/2022

24/9/2022 Webinar will be held on 26/09/2022 on occasion of birthday of Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar

16/9/2022 Classes of Geography Hons SEM I & BCA SEM I will begin from 19/09/2022

9/9/2022 Admission Portal of Kanyashree College will reopen on the 12th September

9/9/2022 Admission Portal Of Kanyashree College will remain open on 12th september

8/9/2022 online admission session 2022-2023 to all UG 2022 Courses

6/9/2022 CET-2022 notice for BCA admission

6/9/2022 National Online Essay Writing Competition

3/9/2022 Students Credit Card-2021

3/9/2022 Anti Ragging Poster


29/8/2022 Swami Vivekananda Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship Scheme


25/8/2022 District Level Youth Parliament Competition and Quiz Contest 2022-23

17/8/2022 Kanyashree Day

10/8/2022 Celebrating Kanyashree Divas 14th August 2022

14/7/2022 Notice for CET-2022 qualified Candidates

16/9/2014 Classes of Geography Hons SEM I & BCA SEM I will begin from 19.09.22






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